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Strength, Stability and Self Reliance Built Here!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Nick and Ashley Pesek provide foster care to teenagers who often don't have other viable placement available. Often these youth end up in institutional settings, which is not developmentally ideal for anyone. They currently have 10 teens living at home with them.

All of these young people are survivors of trauma and are healing from the effects of the harm they have experienced. The stability and sense of belonging that come from having loving family support to guide you through life's challenges is what these kids need to heal and it's what they get when they come to Nick and Ashley.

The Pesek's have helped so many young people grow into caring community members and now they need our help! An is being built on their home in Sedgwick in order to meet State guidelines and keep these kids at home. We are helping them on this project, along with contractor Michael Hewes, a team of volunteers and a host of generous donors. Won't you join us? Ashley and Nick are humbly doing the hard work of healing hearts and enhancing our community, let's thank them by giving them ample space to grow together as a family!


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