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Habitat for Humanity provides an opportunity for those in the community who qualify, to buy their own home, selling the home to the selected partner(s) at no profit to the organization under affordably financed mortgages. Eligibility for Habitat for Humanity is based on: Need, Willingness to Partner, and the Ability to Pay (monthly mortgage payment + closing costs).  More information can be found in our FAQ section below.


INCOME ELIGIBILITY: The income requirement is that a household of x size earns between 30% and 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), as defined by HUD. (HUD calculations are based on a household of 4 with slight changes in the applicable % either up or down based on the household size. Approximate incomes within these ranges are shown in the table below. Income ranges are updated annually. Actual income ranges for a specific Habitat project could be different due to funding requirements.)  Note: We can provide the income range for household sizes above 8 upon request.

The figures below are taken from the Maine Housing Authority’s annual spring income calculations.

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