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Boards and Committees


To apply to join the Board or an operating committee, please email:

Partner Selection & Support Committee:  responsible for being familiar with adopted, Board-level selection criteria, assisting with the generation of a flow of applicants, and interviewing &  recommending applicants to the Board for approval as prospective homeowners. Responsible for providing homeowners or future homeowners with a mutual support system, educational opportunities, and a forum for  discussions pertaining to homeownership and maintenance — all for the purpose of helping families break the poverty cycle and become independent.

Building Committee:  responsible for planning and implementing the construction projects of the corporation.  Tasks shall include obtaining house plans, soliciting professional help and donation of materials, finding and coordinating volunteers and supervising construction.


Development & Fundraising:  responsible for implementing fundraising campaigns and planning special fundraising events for the affiliate, grant proposal writing, meeting with and cultivating current or potential donors, and making certain affiliate operations are fully funded each year

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