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Pesek Project : Successfully Completed!!!

Updated: Apr 18

One final update on the Pesek Project:

We are so excited to share that the Pesek Project is complete!!!

A true community effort with many helping hands and full hearts has led to the completion of the addition and renovations to the Pesek Family home. Giving this family and the children they love and care for the much needed room to grow and share memories. We are overjoyed to have been a part of this build and to have worked with such an incredible family.

A huge warm THANK YOU to all involved in making this happen for the Pesek's!

Below is a letter from the family and pictures of the beautiful spaces they now have.

From the Pesek Family:

Almost a year ago, we broke ground on a project that at the time was only a dream with only a slight idea of the impact it would have on our family. Week by week we watched excitedly as our home was built just like our family; with love. 

My Uncle has always said a well built building needs a sturdy foundation. We watched as first the ground work, then the foundation, and then the floor boards that would eventually hold the stories of our family were laid. As the walls went up, our excitement rose with it. A map of what would be new bedrooms and a new bathroom and a coveted closet to store blankets and pillows and air mattresses for when the needs of our state exceed our beds took shape. It was time for a roof, and just in time before storms would set in. As the interior took shape with insulation, sheetrock and splashes of color carefully selected by the teens that would fill the room, our excitement continued to build. Just in time for Christmas some final touches would happen and item by item, bedrooms took shape. A Christmas tree moved into our family room that was no longer needed as a bedroom. Space was filled and our hearts exploded. 

Gratitude for the people who made this happen has totally filled all of us. We didn't just watch walls get built, we watched friendships and love grow. The number of people that helped pull this off is almost unmeasurable. Mike Hewes and company were regulars at our house and became our friends. Elaine Hewes would help feed the crew along with others from St. Brendan's and Lynne Witham would keep up the blog that kept folks informed on our progress. Jack, Peter, Gerry, George, Dave and Nick regularly worked together through the heat, rain and cold. Alison made the kids the most beautiful quilts. Sherry with Hancock County Habitat for Humanity helped keep the fundraising train going along with Elaine and the folks at St. Brendan's. The Nightingale kids helped clean dust, painted every wall and helped with move in. And the list goes on and on. Since these rooms were completed, they have made space for 5 more kids to have a temporary home filled with love. And one more kid to find her forever home. Each of you contributed to making that happen and we simply cannot say thank you loud enough. 

With Love, 

The Pesek's


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