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The Pesek Project is Almost Complete but We Still Need Your Help!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

More happenings at the Pesek Project. This week work on the septic has started. Thank you to ME Astbury for your continued work on this much needed task.

Bill Rioux has been hard at work mudding and taping the interior and, as of today, that work will be finalized. The family is extremely appreciative for his help and will begin their work tonight or cleaning and priming. The weekend on November 18 and 19 will be spent painting.

There is an aggressive timeline that would support moving kids into bedrooms by next Wednesday.

Many hands will make light work in this endeavor so if you have some time to spare in the mornings any day Saturday through Wednesday reach out and we will connect you.

Everyone is very excited as these finish pieces will be the beginning of seeing the rooms come together.

We are still raising money to finish this project as well. Your tax deductible donation will help this family have space to grow and thrive. Give today by clicking on the donate button!



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